• How to Make a Small Cardboard Box ?

    Cardboard boxes are largely appreciated by the people. We receive our almost each product package in a cardboard box. We mainly used these boxes to store items in our home. Most of the times, you always needed a small cardboard box to store small but expensive items such as jewelry, watches, currency, ticket, keys and many others. However, it seems a tough task to stroll in a market for buying a small cardboard box. Have you ever think, How wonderful it could be if you know that how to make a small cardboard box at home with the rest of material around your home. If you're interested in learning, In this article, you will not only learn how to make a small cardboard box but also add decoration and decoration finishing.

    The Material You Need:

    You don't need to buy high-tech gadgets and cardboard roll from wholesale to Make a small cardboard box. The material you need only is

    • Cardboard sheet

    • Ruler

    • Pencil

    • Kraft knife

    • Scissor

    • Score knife

    • Glue

    • Tape

    • Decoration paper

    How to Make a Small Cardboard Box ?


    Draw The Template of a Small Cardboard Box:

    • Choose your cardboard sheet. Here, you're suggested to choose a 20"*15" piece of cardboard, sheet to make a 5"*5* size cardboard box.

    •    Use a ruler to draw a line horizontally 5-inhces away from the top edge.

    •    Measure and Draw another line horizontally 5-inhces away from the bottom edge.

    •    Divide the central portion in between this two-sketched line into four equal sections.

    •    Measure and cut about a piece of cardboard having dimensions 5 lengths and 2 inches wide. Glue at the one side of a vertical edge as a flap to strengthen all four sides of the box.

    • Draw flaps perpendicular to the sides. Make sure that the marked line for creating flaps should be In-line with a central sketched portion being divided into four equal sections.

    • Score all the lines Using a scoring knife or nib of an empty ball pen. Make sure to fold sides inward from both ends to form a rectangular box.

    • Use a scissor to cut along the vertical side lines until hit the horizontal flaps line. Repeat the same process for the opposing side.

    Construct a Box From the Template:

    • In the above portion, you've learned to make a template of a small 5"*5" piece of cardboard box.

    • Fold the four sides inward to form the frame of a small cardboard box. Glue the last flap with the first flap to strength all four sides joined together.

    • First, overlap two bottom flaps on each other, then repeat the same process for other's two flaps. Tape the all four sides together to make as well as a strength the base of the box for holding heavy weighted products.

    Add Your Decoration and Designing Finishes:

    It's time to design your box, small cardboard boxes are covered with colorful paper for designing. You can add the decoration material such as glitter, ribbon, crafted creatures and the rest of material around your home. Before you think to make these cardboard boxes, there's something that you must need to know. As you're already familiar with the features of cardboard boxes. They are renowned as the perfect shipping boxes for all size products range from large to small.

    Most manufacturers used logo printed cardboard boxes for the advertising and brand promotion purposes. These boxes are not expensive as some people think might these are! However, you need to choose a perfect size cardboard box with its sheer dimensions as they are available in different thicknesses. Most people prefer to contact the online packaging companies for order small cardboard boxes either for their personal or commercial use. If you also want to meet with a packaging company with the perfect small size cardboard box stock available in an affordable budget. You can follow leading brand and trust the custom boxes. The custom boxes in also a popular packaging company, you can get small boxes by The Custom Boxes at affordable prices.


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