• How To Make Graham Cake Filipino Recipe?

    Graham cake is a Filipino dessert that is loved throughout the world because of its delicious flavors and ease of making. People love Graham cakes because of the multitude of flavors offered in one bite. A typical graham cake, that is made from mango, can give you three distinct flavors in one bite that complement each other. First of all, there is the fullness of light, sweetened cream, followed by tangy flavors of tropical, seasonal mangoes, and then bites of the salty graham cracker which is everyone’s favorite cracker.



    The best thing about a Graham cake is that it is a quick and easy no-bake dessert. So if you are a student who has a sweet tooth, but no oven in your dorm room, or if you are a newbie embarking on the journey of having a business homemade bakery items, the Graham cake would be the perfect recipe to try for your first bakery item. This cake is also ideal for taking to parties or to a potluck. It looks fancy but requires minimal effort on your part!

    So if you are wondering how we can make a graham cake. Read on for the recipe. This recipe is for a mango graham cake, however, you can substitute the recipe with other fruits as well. Use any seasonal fruit you love, such as peaches or make a fruit cocktail. This is also a great recipe to teach to kids because it is so easy!




    • One medium sized, ripe mango
    • A pack of graham crackers
    • All-purpose cream: 250ml
    • Sweetened condensed milk: 125ml
    • Chocolate chips or shaved chocolate (optional)


    Step By Step Method:


    1.  1) Take the pack of cream and pour it in a bowl. Whip it up using a whisk. You should whip the cream until it is soft and light. Look for the peaks in   the cream; when they start to emerge, it means your cream has been whipped fine.

    2.  2) Once the peaks emerge and your cream has been whipped, now is the time to add milk. Gently add milk while mixing with a wooden spatula.

    3.  3) Get a 9 by 9-inch baking dish or a glass dish. Cover its base completely with one layer of graham crackers. Make sure no spot is left out. Once the graham crackers layer is complete, and in a smooth and even layer of cream using a wooden spatula.   

    4.  4) The third layer would be of the mangoes. Make sure your mangoes are thinly sliced because thick slices would make the cake feel more mango wish, and the flavors would not blend in as well. When you have placed this third layer, you will have to repeat the process. Ideally try to get in   three sets of layers of crackers, cream, and mangoes. You may even use two sets, depending on the depth of your tray. A good marker is to try to fill at least 3/4th of the tray you are using. The top-most layer should be of the cream.        

    5.  5)Now cover your baking tray or glass tray with a thin layer of plastic cling film. Set the tray in the freezer and freeze for about 2 to 2.5 hours. Make sure you place the dish in the center of the freezer so it does not touch any icy things or the icy walls. This will help prevent icicles in your mango slices.       



     6  After two hours, take out the tray and place it in the fridge. This will keep the cake cool until you are ready to serve it. You may cut it into square bites before serving, and sprinkle the bites with chocolate chips or chocolate shavings. You can display this cake in cake boxes if you want to sell it to customers. If you are looking for cake boxes, get custom cake boxes by The Custom Boxes