• How to Make Photo Light Boxes

    Back in the day, photo light boxes were used extensively, and even today, photographers like to use these for added effects and also to take some amazing pictures. You might need to make one of these for any project from school or college, or you might have to help a child or younger sibling make this since kids often get this project in school once they get to the topics about Light in Science class. Making a photo lightbox is not as complicated as it may seem on the TV or in old movies.

    You can make your photo box using the guidelines below.

    Materials Needed:

    Before starting any project, it is important to assemble all the materials you need to keep them all in one place. There are a few materials that you need for this project, as mentioned below.

    1. Cardboard: Firstly, you need a cardboard of course. It is better to get a thicker cardboard since this type does not give in to the pressure of being cut and folded.

    2. White Cloth: You need plenty of white cloth. It is recommended to use from 3 to 5 yards of white cloth for this project.

    3. White Tape: You also need white tape. Make sure that it is double stick and that it is in the color white and no other color. You need thick and thin tapes of this sort.

    4. Poster Boards: You would need to have two poster boards which are thinner than your cardboard.

    5. Reflective Lights: You need up to three reflective lights. You can buy these from any local store which sells such kind of things. Moreover, you can also find them on Amazon or any other online site.

    6. Bulbs: You would also need a bulb to make a lightbox. Using any standard bulb would be okay. You can even go with the 100 Watts bulbs you have at home.

    7. Knife: You need a sharp knife for this project since you are going to be cutting through the cardboard. You may use a pair of scissors, but the cutting would not be so clean with it. You can also use a cutter if you have but it should be very sharp.

    8. Writing Material: You need something to write with. Just get a pencil or a pen since you need to mark some points and make lines on your cardboard for reference.

    9. A Workbench: Make sure you have a straight place to work with. If the surface you are working on is rugged or has irregularities, it will negatively affect your project.

    Guide on How to Make a Photo Light Box

    First, you need to cut out three sides of the box. With the pencil, mark at least 2 inches from the corner and cut from the middle of the sides leaving those 2 inches intact.

    Then, paste the tape of these 2-inch strips that are present on three sides of the box. Now, the cloth goes into the box on those three sides. Stretch hard so that there are no wrinkles.

    Now, cut the poster boards and make sure they are the same width as the box. Tape them at the inside of the box. Once that is secured in place, you should have a bit of the poster board hanging out of the box. That is fine since this poster board is your backdrop.

    Add the lights on that side of the box which does not have cloth. Keep the lights away from the cloth so that there is no chance of fire.

    Your box is ready. You can use it to take pictures of small objects like your toys or jewelry items. Alternately, you can also get photo boxes wholesale from any vendor.

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